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Hughes Communications is a boutique strategic communications agency with uncommonly deep expertise and remarkably global connections.


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  • Services

    We craft messages that resonate and drive them across multiple channels to build momentum and value.

  • Expertise

    Our multi-faceted background covers a range of highly specialized services, industries, technologies and markets.

  • Results

    Lag time? Not here. We dig in, we identify opportunities and we get results that drive business value.

  • Clients

    Our clients solve complex challenges for their customers. They have big ambitions but not unlimited budgets.

Why Hughes Communications?
We give you the focused attention of a boutique agency, with the global reach of a large, multinational firm.


Team members of our Canadian-based firm speak and write fluent Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish and English. We’ve lived and worked around the world, and we understand the nuances of geographic- and culture-specific marketplaces.



We craft messages that resonate for multiple demanding audiences, wherever they are in your nurturing and sales funnel. And then we re-craft those messages in different forms and across multiple channels in order to build momentum and wring out every last penny’s worth of value.

Small firm. Big reach.


A strong strategy needs seamless execution. We help you hone your messages and apply them to media and analyst relations, online and social media, and lead-generation and sales-support materials.


How Do You Measure Success?
 We shape public perception to help you meet your business goals.  At the end, it’s all about quantifiable results.
  • Coverage Results
    We get the news out. We've increased client coverage more than 10X from the previous year—and then nearly doubled that the following year.
  • International Exposure
    We understand the nuances of geographic- and culture-specific marketplaces. Achieving press coverage in 16 countries and 9 languages is just a day at the office.
  • Conference Representation
    Persistence, presence, and follow-up drive HCI’s conference results. Few small agencies can deliver 37 meetings in 2 days for 3 clients — we take it in stride.
  • Lead Generation
    From social media to blogs to content marketing, we consistently increase clicks, shares, opens, and active leads.
We are strategists, influencers, creators, media planners, networkers, analytics gurus, innovators, problem solvers, mentors, designers, communicators, writers, programmers, colleagues.

Janice Hughes

President & Founder

A proactive, go-to PR professional with a strong editorial background and a great sense of fun

Angie Hatfield

Media & PR Strategist

Launching startups, navigating the ins and outs of industry associations, and managing the big picture

Cheryl Berglund Coupé

Content & Communications Strategist

Communications strategist who asks tough questions to get to the good stuff

Mette Hjermind McCall

Media & PR Strategist

Telling compelling stories from inside labs, innovation incubators, and makeshift start-up boardrooms

Lynda Kaye

Client & Industry Strategist

Semiconductor designer, applications engineer, corporate marketer and big-agency PR—all in one

Allison Mattina

Client Services Director

A passionate client services expert and planner

Dave Smith

Account Manager

Global influencer who manages entire communications efforts and backs them up with results

KC Prescott

Graphic Designer

Visual communications, web design and art direction, because communication is more than just words

Sue LaNeve

Content and Communications Strategist

Sue’s writing background is as diverse as her interests.

Bryon Moyer

Engineering Writer

Engineer, marketer and writer who draws useful parallels between seemingly unrelated fields

Malene Grouleff

Communications Consultant

Communications advisor and PR consultant specializing in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

Martha Maroney

Proofreader and Copy Editor

Copy editor with global experience and a background in computer science

Hughes Communications understood our technology and secured interviews with several tier 1 publications at our very first product launch. Our investors have been quite pleased with the number and quality of international press coverage.

- David Griffiths, former CEO, Cyan Technology -

HCI knows what editors need to do our jobs and how to deliver it, on time and in the desired format. Whether it’s simple press releases or complex technical articles, the information they provide is accurate, concise, and requires minimal editing. Nothing is more important than that when you’re on deadline.

- Bruce Bennett, Editor, Tech Briefs Media Group -

You might say that the HCI approach to the editor relationship is old school. And if you meant that they take the time to actually understand their client’s business so they can justify why they would call an editor, you’d be right. Having an intelligent conversation with a PR rep is a rare thing today.

- Lou Covey, Editorial Director at -

We love working with the HCI team. You understand our business. You’re creative, thought-provoking, professional, flexible. At every turn, you add value.

- Diavia Webster, COO, Webster & Webster -

I appreciate the high-level of energy and care HCI puts into your work with us. You don’t simply execute whatever we suggest, but instead work with us to create well-thought-out plans informed by your years of marketing experience. This gives us far better value for our money!

- Bill Culley, President, Empire Robotics -

I never realised how complicated a product launch could get. I am certainly very pleased you were there to guide us through the process.

- David Stonier-Gibson, SPLat Controls -

Janice and the rest of the HCI team anticipate my needs as a high-tech journalist, responding promptly to my requests, providing easy access to key industry players, and even delivering custom graphics when needed. I can always rely on them; they are responsive, accommodating and flexible, and dedicated to a job well done.

- Courtney Howard, Executive Editor, Military & Aerospace Electronics -

HCI is highly skilled in cross-cultural communications. At first sight, this might seem unimportant as North American and European cultures are similar. But the European trade press and its readers expect to be addressed in a different way. HCI appreciates and fulfills this expectation. No wonder HCI has long-lasting customer relationships—another consistency that I very much appreciate.

- Joachim Kroll, Stellv. Chefredakteur, Elektronik -

"Thanks to HCI's understanding of technology and the editorial world, Express Logic enjoys widespread coverage throughout North America, Europe and Asia with articles published in multiple languages."

- John Carbone, VP of Marketing, Express Logic -