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In 1998, HCI Founder Janice Hughes was adopted by a beautiful, blue-eyed Weimaraner she named Tasha. After their first weekend together, Janice headed back to work, leaving Tasha at home, broken-hearted. Something had to change.

Janice left a well-paying job to start Hughes Communications, where she could work where her heart was. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pay the mortgage and buy the groceries,” Janice says, “but Tasha taught me that, when you do what you do for love, the bowl always gets filled, and there’s always a good bed to lie in.”

Tasha died in 2012, but her inspiration lives on, in a company built on all the important dog values: trust, support, loyalty, enthusiasm, and play.

Today, members of the growing HCI team thrive by working where our hearts are—and for many of us, where our pets are.

We are delighted by the outcome of this media project with HCI. Despite the challenges associated with reaching key media outlets during the holidays, the HCI team hit the ground running to create a compelling and memorable tribute to Joe and his work.”

—Gay Engelberger

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