Worldwide Reach

What Makes Us Different

These days, nearly every tech company has to play on a global stage. Our virtual team members live and work around the world. We understand the nuances of geographic and culture-specific marketplaces. And we build and maintain long-term relationships with international editors and influencers. In fact, we consistently generate more conference meetings with international press than agencies many times our size.

We’re the small firm with a big reach. We give you the connections of an expensive multinational agency (or multiple local agencies) with the focused attention of a dedicated and integrated group.

Global Services & Expertise

  • International media/analyst relations
  • Translation services
  • Knowledge of cultural expectations
  • Multiple time-zone coverage
  • Culture- and geography-specific technology needs

HCI is highly skilled in cross-cultural communications. At first sight, this might seem unimportant as North American and European cultures are similar. But the European trade press and its readers expect to be addressed in a different way. HCI appreciates and fulfills this expectation. In addition to being responsive, reliable, and on-time, HCI experts tailor input so I can immediately use it without intensive revisions. No wonder HCI has long-lasting customer relationships—another consistency that I very much appreciate.”

—Joachim Kroll

Stellv. Chefredakteur, Elektronik

Phone: (705) 774-8686

PO Box 566
Parry Sound, ON P2A 2X5