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We think of Laura as our “socially gifted” team member, who is both a yarn addict and a pro at crafting yarns. She knits together language and images—as well as stylish lace wraps. Laura’s messages are set apart from the usual ubiquitous social media content, drawing attention to her clients with messages that matter. She translates complex content into clear messages and engaging dialog for just about any social network the Internet can come up with. With her degree from SJSU as Bachelors of Science – Journalism emphasis on Reporting and Editing, her expertise helps clients create a social media identity and make online connections. Laura has established herself as an award-winning writer, cultivating media and press relationships, and building a reputation for buzz-building outreach campaigns.

Laura’s love affair with words began at age 5, sitting around the dinner table and reading the newspaper aloud to her folks. Her interest expanded to film and how ideas are conveyed visually, which gives her an edge in the at-a-glance online world. Not only did she watch computers transform the California Bay Area, she even spent a four-year stint in Apple Computer’s corporate library during its 1980s heydays.

A social media identity is a form of product branding and corporate identity—it’s an extension of all of our clients’ products, services, and their support and engagement with their customers.

Laura Lazzarini

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