Director of Business Development and Finance

Master problem solver Tracy Buckingham-Andrews, our multi-lingual Director of Business Development and Finance, brings over 25 years of international business development and marketing experience to further elevate our team of advanced public relations professionals. Tracy understands brand building in both the local and global marketplace. She has a passion for puzzles in all things marketing. And she excels in broad-scope strategy, defining and penetrating new markets, brand repositioning and advancing brand recognition.

Having completed her MBA from McGill University while living in France at the Haute Ecole Commerciale (H.E.C.), Tracy has maintained strong connections with her European and American classmates. She has collaborated on ERP systems from initiation to implementation, and has mentored and coached world-class teams to achieve broad-scoped marketing and branding objectives to completion.

In her time off, Tracy solves problems for charitable organizations, consulting on and implementing fund-raising initiatives. But when she really wants to relax, she buries her nose in magazines, newspapers, and paperbacks, doing… you guessed it–solving puzzles.

Tracy Buckingham-Andrews

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