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Your engineers, developers, and corporate visionaries speak a different language than most of the world—including most agencies. That’s not the case at HCI.

With extensive backgrounds in engineering and technology communications, we speak your language. We ask probing questions that drive to the heart of your technology and zero in on what makes it so cool. Then we create content that communicates your complex products or services to equally technical buyers.

Importantly, we know that no single piece of content moves markets. You need to build momentum and creep into buyers’ awareness every time they open an article, read a blog, or click on a link. But you can’t afford to start from scratch with every piece of content.

Our proven process takes the minimal amount of your time in input sessions and creates the maximum amount of repurposed, targeted content. That lets us cost-effectively reinforce your message across vertical markets, buyer personas, media outlets, and campaigns.

Contributed materials are an important aspect of our customer communications strategy, but we have very limited resources for developing them. HCI’s content team understands very technical information and can transform it into highly readable and engaging articles that they place in the media outlets our customers care about.”

Jim McElroy

Vice President, LDRA

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