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Lots of agencies do flashy digital marketing: web sites, blogging, Tweet storms, SEO, LinkedIn, and more. We know, because so many technology companies come to us after they’ve been frustrated with a consumer-oriented web developer or social media guru.

Those other agencies do good work in their consumer sandbox—don’t get us wrong. They just don’t understand how engineers search for information or how technical buyers make complex purchasing decisions. We do. Because B2B technology is all we do.

Our web development and digital marketing campaigns focus on your buyers. These are people we understand. We speak their language. We share their scorn for marketing fluff.

We help you define what your audiences know and don’t know, where and how they look for information, and which online conversations they’re part of. We help you build buzz with substance. Then we create digital content that guides your buyers to a purchasing decision, step by logical step.

It is important that our digital presence keep our global partners informed, engaged and loyal—and the HCI social media team delivered this in spades. Their content is as lively as it is thoughtfully researched and targeted. HCI is highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. Our marketing staff is able to focus on other areas with full confidence that HCI is efficiently maintaining our standards.”

Agnes A. Toan

Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications, Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company

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