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Technology editors, analysts, and influencers are a tough crowd. They’re hard to impress, and they don’t put up with marketing fluff or entry-level account execs who don’t know a semiconductor from a solenoid.

We’ve been technology editors ourselves. We speak their language. And we get their attention. We have deep relationships with influencers in a wide range of technology markets, many of whom we’ve worked with for decades, but we also use the latest tools to identify and connect with rising stars to build our reach.

We’ll create PR campaigns for you that are smart, multi-faceted, and results-driven. Because we start with a deep understanding of your technology and your customers’ needs, we can help you position your company to set it apart from competitors. Then we’ll pitch your story every way from Sunday, to the vertical, technology, and business publications and sites that your prospects are reading.

We regularly help clients own the buzz at tradeshows and conferences, with dozens of meetings with even hard-to-get editors and influencers. And we support all that with targeted social media, killer contributed content, and interview support that will get you the visibility you deserve.

Mobile Industrial Robots intended to launch a new technology for automating in-house transportation in North America. As a Danish start up, we sought solid advice to strategically position our robotics and technology capabilities for the new markets we hoped to access. HCI delivered this insight, actively pitching our stories that inspired interviews and generated thousands of clippings, including feature stories in significant media. We have seen more than 400% growth this past year—a result impossible without the expertise and excellent communication capabilities of the HCI team.”

Denise Innocenti

Global Marketing, Mobile Industrial Robots

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