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Even when he’s pondering mythology, or observing a mountain lion roaming his mountain property, Tom Williams’ mind is never far removed from HCI’s clients or their content needs. His unique set of writing skills that combine insight, analysis, and creativity come from a unique blend of advanced degrees in German literature and over 20 years of senior editorial experience in computer technology and publishing. Tom was the recent editor-in-chief of RTC magazine, and has worked with Embedded Systems Development, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, InfoWorld, Electronic Design, and Computer Design.

Tom studied German literature at the University of Bonn and completed his graduate work at Washington University. Today, he relishes the country life on his Santa Cruz, California ranch where he used to raise alpacas but now sticks to domestic animals. Some years ago, Tom participated in an expedition to Papua New Guinea to research legends of mermaid-like creatures. While the results did not reveal actual mermaids, they offered new insight into the nature of legends, mythology, and story-telling. Also the scuba diving was great.

My years as an editor gave me a deep acquaintance with the people and the practices of the public relations industry.

Tom Williams
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