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We distill your complex technology into messages that resonate with demanding audiences. Then we re-craft those messages into different forms and across channels to build market momentum and wring out every last penny’s worth of value.

“ If I haven’t said it enough lately, THANK YOU! This is exactly what I was hoping for but dared not expect – you took my rough outline and added tons of valuable insight and detail.”

— Dawn Smeaton
Director, Product Marketing
BTS BlackBerry|QNX

“ Well, this is one way to answer the question ‘Why in the world would we need a social media manager?’ Keep up the good work, Tamsen.”

— Lennart Bonnevier
Marketing Communications
Percepio AB

“Mobile Industrial Robots intended to launch a new technology for automating in-house transportation in North America. As a Danish start up, we sought solid advice to strategically position our robotics and technology capabilities for the new markets we hoped to access. HCI delivered this insight, actively pitching our stories that inspired interviews and generated thousands of clippings, including feature stories in significant media. We have seen more than 400% growth this past year—a result impossible without the expertise and excellent communication capabilities of the HCI team.”

—Denise Innocenti
Global Marketing
Mobile Industrial Robots

“The PR coverage received in the days following our AUSA conference are a testament to a job well done—from the story creations to the editor outreach to the logistics and follow-up. It was a tough slog, and got really intense at the 11th hour, yet it all came out flawlessly and successfully. I received many compliments on how professional and prepared Kelly was. HCI made it look easy—though it definitely wasn’t.”

—Chris Ciufo
Chief Technology Officer
General Micro Systems

“It is important that our digital presence keep our global partners informed, engaged and loyal—and the HCI social media team delivered this in spades. Their content is as lively as it is thoughtfully researched and targeted. HCI is highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. Our marketing staff is able to focus on other areas with full confidence that HCI is efficiently maintaining our standards.”

—Agnes A. Toan
Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications
Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company

“HCI has been a trusted LDRA partner since 2008. The Hughes team continues to bring new ideas and approaches to promoting LDRA advances, growth, and success. They have established a broad set of relationships and successfully match the appropriate industry experts with LDRA news to maximize exposure and benefit, ensuring we reach the best influencers in the embedded market.”

—Ian Hennell
Operations Director

“HCI understands our company and does a terrific job managing our PR. They are personal, professional and proactive, and we feel lucky to have been introduced to them.”

—Steve Raschke
President & CEO
CANDI Controls Inc.

“No other public relations professional is so entrenched in and keenly aware of the global embedded computing market than Janice Hughes. Janice and the rest of the Hughes Communications Inc. (HCI) team anticipate my needs as a high-tech journalist, responding promptly to my requests, providing easy access to key industry players, and even delivering custom graphics when needed. I can always rely on Janice and the HCI team; they are responsive, accommodating and flexible, and dedicated to a job well done.”

—Courtney Howard
Editor-in-Chief, Avionics Intelligence
Executive Editor, Military & Aerospace Electronics

“HCI is highly skilled in cross-cultural communications. At first sight, this might seem unimportant as North American and European cultures are similar. But the European trade press and its readers expect to be addressed in a different way. HCI appreciates and fulfills this expectation. In addition to being responsive, reliable, and on-time, HCI experts tailor input so I can immediately use it without intensive revisions. No wonder HCI has long-lasting customer relationships—another consistency that I very much appreciate.”

—Joachim Kroll
Stellv. Chefredakteur

“Our recent tradeshow success was unprecedented. HCI helped us coordinate meetings and obtain an audience with more top-tier publications and their editors than we could have done on our own. I was extremely pleased that we met our editorial trade show goals—and then blew by the ‘stretch’ goals as well.”

—Chris A. Ciufo
Vice President, Product Marketing
General Micro Systems

“Janice and the HCI Team understand the type of content electronics and consumer editors seek. Every piece they’ve written for our organization was quickly placed into a reputable publication. The team is easy to work with and always deliver well beyond our expectations.”

—Agnes A. Toan
former Sr. Communications Manager

“The HCI team understands that it takes more than just good technology for a company to win the market. By keeping analysts informed of client developments, HCI ensures that clients are exposed to the latest market trends, in-depth industry data, and that the analysts know and care about HCI clients.”

—Jerry Krasner
Founder & Principal Analyst
Embedded Market Forecasters

“Working with HCI as an editor is a real pleasure. They understand my information needs and consistently supply me with the right stuff without inundating me with irrelevant material. HCI works as an editorial ally rather than simply a barker for press releases.”

—Rich Quinnell
Editor in Chief
IoT World

“One of the reasons I enjoy working with HCI is that Janice Hughes, having been a member of the media herself at one time, instinctively knows what editors need to do our jobs and how to deliver it, on time and in the desired format. Whether it’s simple press releases or complex technical articles, the information she provides is accurate, concise, and requires minimal editing. Nothing is more important than that when you’re on deadline.”

—Bruce Bennett
Tech Briefs Media Group

“Hughes Communications is a tremendous asset to VDC’s market research business. Not only is HCI extremely supportive coordinating meetings and teleconferences, but Janice’s industry experience helps her team add valuable perspectives and enriching market context to our interactions with her clients. This combination of tech market experience and acumen ensures that HCI clients’ messages are always understood and covered by the most diverse set of analysts and editors in our industry.”

—Chris Rommel
Vice President
M2M & Embedded Technology
VDC Research

“Angie’s technical expertise is equally matched with her responsiveness, efficiency, and organizational skills. She is excellent at securing interviews with influential editors, helping me get news of the Multicore Association out time and time again.”

—Markus Levy
Multicore Association
Chair, Multicore Developer’s Conference

“Mette is the hardest working journalist I have ever worked with. No matter how difficult the topic is, Mette is determined to understanding it so she can explain it in plain English to others. Also, no matter how tough the "selling point" is, she goes all in and finds all possible media venues that may be interested in the (great) stories she produces. And then she gets the stories out! I love working with Mette; she keeps you on your toes, meets deadlines, produces great work and then she has a great personality and is apparently always in a great mood. I think the world of Mette and give her my highest possible endorsement!”

—Lars Beer Nielsen
former Science and Technology Attaché
Innovation Center

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